5 Best Student Planner Apps

Android phones have gone a long way from making our daily life productive to entertained, and there are numerous apps you can choose for just about what you want to do. However, it also annoyed us for finding the best option. We have recommended several excellent apps for different common use or specified, such as shopping apps for a shopaholic, finances apps for personal business, medical apps for your 2013 healthy goal, etc. If you’re a student and looking for an effective tool to improve your school tasks, there are five school planner apps you should have a try.

[Free] Homework

Homework is a fully-featured class application for Android phones. It comes with five main screens and allows you to define your own classes or information for each subject. In addition, if you have unfinished your tasks, the app would represent them with its special indications. Not only does the app fit for students to manage their homework, but the teachers can use them to make the class plan.

[Free] School Assistant

As its name suggests, this app is a dumb but effective assistance for your school planner. The app provides a really clean way to take and save your notes as well as create todo lists. The app will remind you when you forget what to study for the exam and even represent your progress throughout the year. I strongly recommended this to those students who need something to keep the school timetable.

[Free] myHomework Student Planner

MyHomework is a great app that lets you take and manage your school planner with the assistance of the calendar. What attract me to the app most is that it allows me to sync homework across diverse platforms with a myHomeworkapp.com account. In addition, the app has a gorgeous and easy-to-use interface that making it easy to anyone to use.

[Free] School Timetable Deluxe

The last one is School Timetable Deluxe, which is specially designed for pupils who keen to have their entire school life or tasks under control. In the app, you can use different colors for subjects freely and create several class planners due to your subject. And the best part? It’s free!

School Timetable Deluxe For Android

[$1.99] Class Buddy

If you’re hankering one schedule management helper for your busy school life. Class Buddy is a digital planner and notebook will store your homework in a clean interface. The feature of Import and Export is useful when you need to import events from CSV file, or Google Docs. Of course, the app also provides a customizable home screen widget you can fire up the app quickly.…

Cashbook – Expense Tracker Easily Track Your Expenses

I’ve been hankering for a solid expense tracker app on the Android Market, though – something that offers at least packaged features to make me stay on top of my personal finances for everyday life. Of course, there are numerous expense tracking apps out there, but none seemed to have the capabilities of Cashbook – a simple money tracker app that’s on hand whenever I need it- and that’s really the best kind of expense tracker you can have.


Cashbook – Expense Tracker is a comprehensive Android expense tracker app. As individuals, it can track expenses, income, mileage, and taxes. While for business, you would benefit from keeping track your business more carefully with tracking reimbursement, bookkeeping purposes, and receipts. It works with devices running Android v1.6 or above, weighing at the size of 1.5M, looks good on my Samsung Galaxy with gingerbread 2.3.5 and is available for $5.99 in the Play Store.


When you first open Cashbook, you’re taken straight to the feature list. Except for several common features like Money Lover provides, such as add transaction, view statistics of your spending and organize your expenses with different categories, some unique features are also compelling and useful, it allows you track real-time mileage with accurate distance and time, snapshot your expense and create duplicate accounts.

Manage Accounts

To track your business, the app enables you to view all of your accounts’ balance on one single screen to easily manage your personal and small business finances that allows many customizations. A transfer feature between accounts is supported and works very nicely on my phone.

Transactions and Account Charts

You can log expenses via an “Add Transaction” option on its main menu. Once you select the option, a form with a variety of data is represented on the screen, including a category, whether it’s an expense or income. You can pick an appropriate category from the list.
Cashbook can represent your spending data more vividly with a graph where you can view a list of past expenses on weekly and monthly expense reports. Unfortunately, you can’t use the filtering functions to view the graphic of your spending that MoneyWise offers.


Cashbook Mileage Tracking

Unique Features

Cashbook bestows you the ability to accurately track accurate distance and time with using real-time GPS, then records that information along with starting and stopping address.
You have the option to export your data in either .csv or HTML format. It’s convenient to enter expenses in the same simple format that the Android phone has from your laptop without having to upload to a sister program like Quicken or quick books.


I have used the app since I bought my Nexus 7. It was definitely worth the money. Although a lot of thought has been given to the app but compared with other expense tracking apps, such as MoneyWise, Money Lover, and Expense Manager, it’s not the perfect. For example, the filtering function is unsubstantial, you can’t sort based on expense type when you want to view the specified category. It would be nice to see a bit of refinement in the interface and better-packaged features. It’s a must-have for anyone who tracks their spending.…