How to Keep Your Garage Fire Safe

Garages are usually home to loads of combustible materials from greasy rags, to paint thinners, wood, sawdust, and gasoline. Besides, such places often contain loads of heat from water heaters, car batteries, and even furnaces.

Therefore, safety is a priority, especially if you are used to working in there or have a workshop set-up. You have to keep it fireproof and safe as things can escalate very fast and become worse, especially if it is attached the main house.

Besides, you should be in the habit of doing some routine safety check-ups, ensuring that the equipment stored in it, is either safe or placed in a safe place. You can also invest in best garage heater to prevent overheating as well as to keep it cool and warm in summer and winter respectively.

You can also insulate the garage area to make it safer and warm as well as cover some of the items stored there, especially those susceptible to fire.

Here are some ways you can safely prevent your garage from catching fire.

1.     Establishing Safe Routines

It does not matter what you do in your garage, as long as you tidy up everything after work, then you can rest assured that it will always be safe. For instance, when you cut wood, you are likely to create loads of woodchips and sawdust, which are easily flammable.

Moreover, they are more combustible than large wood boards. So sweep them immediately to avoid any fire hazard in the garage.

Moreover, finishing oils, paint, stain and other solvents should be sealed as soon as they have served their purpose.

In addition, any greasy or oily rags should be disposed of immediately after use. You can put them in a steel bucket with a self-closing lid. You can also hang them in a line to dry. Whatever you do, keep them away from fire and heat sources.

2.     Practicing Safe Storage

Good storage can keep your garage, safe from catching any fire. Fuel, heat, and oxygen are the three ingredients that can cause a quick fire. Keep them apart, especially heat and fuel, and you will be safe for most of the time.

Moreover, keep all flammable materials away from regular sources of heat in your garage like space heaters, water heaters, boilers, and furnaces. In addition, always store wood finishes, paint thinners and paint spray in a safe storage container with a secure closure.

3.     Buying Safety Equipment

You can also invest in safety equipment like a fire extinguisher. Store it somewhere you can reach, preferably close to an exit door. This gives you an easy access, as you make a run for it while extinguishing the fire.

Moreover, you can also equip the garage with a quality functional smoke alarm that can detect carbon monoxide. Besides, you can also install a sprinkler system and extend it to your main house, especially if your garage is attached to it.

4.     Invest In a Fire-Proof Garage Door

A fire-rated garage door, of 20-minutes and more, can take time before it actually breaks. This means it can remain intact even when exposed to flames.

Moreover, you should also invest in a garage door, which has some modern fireproof features like a fire-resistant core, a protective resin coating as well as a heat-resistant material and an auto-closure feature.

However, if your garage door does not have any modern safety features. You should consider replacing it. Likewise, check on its functionality, as a well-designed and useful door can offer the required level of ventilation for easy working. Ventilation is important as it can reduce the level of fire hazards caused by flammable fumes.

5.     Maintain Your Car

Always check for gas or oil leaks in your car before parking it in the garage, as they can easily cause afire.Likewise, look out for cracked fuel lines, a spoilt car battery and any broken fuel injectors. In case, of any just take the car to the mechanic.

Besides, you can be in the habit of regularly checking your car in case of any malfunction, which can be hazardous.


Conclusively, you can only keep your garage space free from fire hazards, only if you follow these guidelines to the later. Besides, you must make a routine of all of them because even the slightest mistake can cause many damages.

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